Troy Okumura, CFP®, CMFC®

Financial Advisor


“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Troy the visionary.

Troy’s aim is to create a net positive effect on the planet. For Troy, business is personal, with integrity, one-on-one attention, and excellence serving as guiding principles throughout his profession. Like his brother Shawn, Troy believes in a job not just well done, but exceptionally done. This isn’t his first stint working alongside Shawn. When they were kids, they embraced their entrepreneurial spirits by sharing a morning paper route. Troy’s ideal day? It would likely have flavors of camaraderie and the sort of goodwill that comes with having enriched the lives of others, topped off with a tasty cup of joe.

Troy in three dimensions.

Like most people, Troy has many facets. Troy the husband, for example, is loving, occasionally goofy, passionate, supportive and navigates his life with an empathetic heart. He values listening and observing first, and talking second. Then there is techie Troy, the somewhat geeky wizard of gadgetry and former Product Manager for two Silicon Valley tech companies. Globe-trotter Troy is always thinking of ways to expand his knowledge and appreciation of new cultures and ideologies. An international foodie, Troy often finds himself reminiscing about the exotic dishes he has tasted all over the world. But as simplicity can be the key to happiness, he derives just as much as joy eating tomato egg stir-fry for dinner followed by a bowl of cereal for dessert.

What Transitions means to Troy, and vice versa.

If Troy could describe the TWA team in two words, he might choose “dynamic” and “genuine.” As it turns out, however, he needs twenty-nine words to accurately describe the firm: “A great group of high-caliber financial professionals collaborating in a lively, supportive environment where trust, experience, and insight harmoniously converge into custom solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.” Grateful to be part of this unique experience, Troy feels confident in his ability to significantly contribute to improving the lives of his clients and their families.

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