Are We the Right Fit for You?

The most important part of your financial strategy is the relationship between you and your advisor. When having the initial discovery meeting, we aim for a good long-term fit and for our team to be well-positioned to serve your unique needs. With over $330 million in client assets under advisement (as of December 31, 2023), we also offer a low client-to-staff ratio (about 35:1).

This empowers us to be both proactive in planning and reactive in adapting to life’s challenges and opportunities that present themselves in unexpected moments. Each client relationship has a CFP® guiding as the lead advisor supported by a team of professionals to help manage the details.

As San Jose natives, we have deep roots in the community and experience serving clients in different life stages. We enjoy working with both retirees (nearly 40% of the clients we serve) and “aspiring” retirees. Of our “aspiring” retiree clients, nearly half work in the technology industry or for a Bay Area tech company.

While many of our clients come from careers with tech companies like Google, Apple, or Facebook, we serve a diverse group across nearly every stage of life. Our practice offers a unique combination of experience (nearly 30 years combined for the advisors) and desirable longevity for a professional relationship.

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Committed to Comprehensive Wealth Management

As life changes, your needs may shift as well. Maybe you change careers or have a growing family. Maybe you are considering a move or have aging parents. At every turn, you need someone to walk alongside you to evaluate every decision and choose the right one.

While other practices may be only interested in serving select individuals at one point in time, our practice is looking for lifelong relationships where we can deliver an impact that goes beyond just investment returns.

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