Shawn Okumura, CFP®, CMFC®



“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
– John Wooden

Shawn the finance ambassador.

During the warmer months, look for Shawn in business casual mode with a Hawaiian shirt to celebrate what he affectionately calls “Aloha Fridays.” During the winter months, he likes to start off his day with a hot mocha. But Shawn is much more than a kahuna with a fondness for chocolate—he is a seasoned financial advisor with a sincere love of numbers. Shawn works with clients to achieve greater bottom line net worth without compromising the value of living a good life. As Transitions’ “ambassador of finance,” Shawn helps provide financial confidence by first listening, and then incorporating asset management into each client’s total investment portfolio. For Shawn, a great day is when he can see how he and his firm have positively impacted clients’ lives, not just their balance sheets.

Shawn the superhero.

Shawn doesn’t have a phone booth at his home in Willow Glen, but he probably should. He says he feels a little like The Man of Steel when he gets home, tearing off his super serious suit and tie and immediately turning into an ordinary, mild-mannered Dad. That’s his view, of course. His family sees him differently. His wife, Dori, calls him “a big, goofy kid.” His four children—Joey, Jayden, Jack and Jessie—agree that he acts silly, but also think he “goes to work way too much.” The family’s backyard is his favorite oasis. Lounging around the fire pit with friends and family at sunset somehow puts everything in perspective. It is one of many simple reminders for Shawn that he’s the luckiest man on the planet.

What Transitions means to Shawn, and vice versa.

Shawn affectionately refers to his staff as “eccentric” in one way or another. The culture is unique and rare. This, Shawn acknowledges, is probably because they recognize the power of choice and endeavor to design (and live) lives of true meaning. This is also an attitude that is reinforced in his daily interactions with clients. The Transitions culture may indeed be slightly unconventional, but the commitment and professionalism are unmistakable. Shawn knows at his core that his team’s client-based approach to wealth building and asset management is a winning strategy by any standards.

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