Why Choose Transitions Wealth Advisors as your Partner

In addition to being the right fit with experience to serve your unique situation and future goals, you may be evaluating your potential wealth advisors on other criteria. Here are the strengths our wealth management team brings to the table:


As the Principal, Shawn began his career as an independent financial advisor in 1997. With a degree in business economics, Troy transitioned from a career in high tech to Transitions Wealth Advisors in 2013. Shawn and Troy both hold the CFP® designation, a certification recognized as the highest standard in personal financial planning. While professional education and experience is a key metric in choosing a wealth management firm, we are unique in the longevity of our industry experience (over 20 years) and future longevity in serving you.

The Right Service

Our engagement is built on three pillars: financial planning, risk management, and asset management. We lead with financial planning and goal discussion, crafting customized plans to help you achieve your future goals. Each client engagement is led by a CFP® financial advisor and collectively supported by the team. Darren works diligently to ensure smooth transactions and manages the daily back-office logistics. Raiya is our risk management specialist (our guru for all insurance-related matters) and Catherine is our dedicated client relationship manager. We operate as a well-oiled machine.

Value-Based Compensation

We do not tout ourselves as being the cheapest option. Nor do we see ourselves as the highest in fee structure. Our team is dedicated to clearly communicating our fee structures with transparency and answering any questions you may have. Given our overall offering of experience, knowledge base and team of professionals, we are confident in the fairness of our fee structure.

A Willingness to Learn

Each client has a unique set of goals, needs and life experience, and this career affords us all an opportunity to learn something new each day. We best serve our clients by maintaining an open mind and being willing to ask questions.  Our experience gives us confidence in our recommendations. This mindset provides wisdom and humility to reach out to other professionals when we are uncertain.

Why Choose Us

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