Lisa Yee

Client Operations Specialist

Lisa Yee, Client Operations Specialist


“One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is the gift of your attention.”

– Jim Rohn

Lisa the concierge.

Lisa’s priority is providing professional attention with a personal touch. She knows financial decisions can be stressful, and works hard to truly connect with everyone she interacts with to help put them at ease. She’s a big part of the welcoming and supportive environment at Transitions Wealth Advisors. With a Bachelor’s in Child Development, being a mother of three, and more than a decade’s experience volunteering with young people, she knows how to balance fun with getting things done!

Lisa the basketball mom.

Outside of work, Lisa is all about family. She and her husband, Keith, are big basketball fans. Her son and two daughters all play, so on weekends (and the occasional weeknight) Lisa puts her boundless positive energy to good use cheering from the stands. When she’s not watching basketball, she’s busy leading both of her daughters’ Girl Scout troops and serving on the board of directors of a children’s camp. When it’s time to just relax and unwind, she and her family love playing games, being silly and watching movies.

What Transitions means to Lisa, and vice versa.

For Lisa, it’s important that Transitions Wealth Advisors feels like family. She loves that everyone works together and that the number one goal is always serving others. She puts a lot of energy into making people feel welcome and understood, but believes she gets even more back knowing she’s helping them work toward financial security and the things in life that make them happy.